why are stairs so steep in old houses

Da stand der kleine Kaaskop 10 cm vor der Death Trap,oh […], […] out this website for a funny, but quite informative explanation of this […], […] new arrivals trying to negotiate the quirks of Dutch customs: the Byzantine birthday rituals, the lethal staircases, the mystifying things they spread on their sandwiches. Many of the houses had these same stairs! Storage space can be hard to fit into tiny houses, so if you can use your stairs as storage space, you'll be killing two birds with one stone. Oh it was crazy. Whilst my daughters skate across icey roads I hold onto the railing and consider the purchase of those ice grips. So, our basement stairs are dangerously steep. Visiting me at a friends place, my mother found this even more scary as she was scared of heights. Nope, lived in Tilburg… Lived in 6 houses there with the exact same issue… And my sister in The Hague has had the same kind of stairs as well… Older houses have higher ceilings and steeper narrower stairs… But they are lovely…. My great-aunt lives in an ancient house in The Hague, and the stairs are more like a ladder. 24 of 35. I thought of struggle to carry furniture and my grocery shopping…I said no thanks! But to answer the question - not without moving the staircase. This led to so many problems that eventually the government took over the installation of piles, and introduced a tax to cover the cost, based on the width of the house that was built. It really was far less of a big deal than we expected. . I have a super steep set of stairs here in the UK so I am waiting for the concept to catch on and then I can sell my house! 1. 3: dutchies buy houses near airports or circuits and will complain immediately about the noise and pollution and/or will start an action comite ( a good topic on itself btw ) to mobilize the neighbors. It didn’t lead to a landing, which would be a waste of space, but to a hole in the floor next to my bed, covered by a wooden hatch. Why Old Houses Lack Closet Space (and How to Make Modern Adjustments) By: REBAC Staff . But i am not used to them and when I visit and have to go downstairs from the third floor guest room to the restroom on the second floor I fear for me life. So I’m glad to hear that most staircases are normal. But how does it explain steep stairs? But something I had not realized on any of my previous visits is how extraordinarily tall many of their houses are, as if to compensate for the flatness of the terrain. He wanted to climb them and did so. It looks misplaced, even comical, but a random toilet in the basement of an old house once served a purpose.. Usually found in pre-World War II era homes, this lone toilet looks odd not just because it’s in the basement, but because there is nothing around it to make it feel like a proper, private bathroom! This is so true…it was one of the first things I noticed when I first visited Amsterdam! Jul 18, 2015 - How to Make Steep Interior Stairs Bigger. 5 floors. Why Are Victorian Houses So Creepy? Rubbish. My grandma used to live in this tiny house in one of the old port towns, and it had this suicidally steep staircase. This made me laugh, too, but I wonder why they don’t just go for spiral staircases? I went to high school in a town that is very proud of its Dutch heritage (Pella, Iowa). why would you need 3 meters of stair when you yourself are only half a meter wide yourself. Sometimes, for fun, these sneaky Dutch architects decided to throw in a curve, adding yet another element of danger. So well have they mastered stair-climbing arts, in fact, that they are ranked only seventh in the world in stair fall statistics, but I’m told that just about everyone bears the emotional or physical scars of having taken a tumble at some time or other, with senior citizens most at risk, and children under the age of five having the highest rates of head injuries. Still can’t cycle while texting though – epic failure as a wannabe Dutchie! Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised is the run necessary for stairs that are up to code is double the … Press J to jump to the feed. Were mere mortals suppose to make this daily climb? (huh, but what about the Dutch’s massive feet??). In other news – I find stairs encountered in Breda and Roosendaal familiarly steep, so I don’t see any Anti-Amsterdamian bias in this blog. One of the signs of aging (and I don’t mean becoming old and frail, just growing older) I have noticed is a greater concern about falling. I don’t believe this can only be found in Amsterdam, but everywhere in the Netherlands. Add message | Report | See all Lizcat Mon 05-Dec-11 14:15:20 Hence the vast number of narrow, tall, long houses in the Netherlands. I never actually measured the r&r of the stairs but it was unsafe, and they were old and open in the back and they just had to go. […], […] have to be very careful when going up or down the stairs, I trip […], […] Mir ging mittlerweile echt fast die Hutschnur hoch! We might admire their handsome balustrades and swoon over their spiral forms, but we're also likely to abuse them without so much as a second thought—tromping up and down them like stampeding elephants, or tugging heavy items over them one step at a time. After 2 years of living in the lowlands our expat-provided accommodation ran out, so we naively embarked on a Amsterdam house-hunting mission. I have one of these..and secretly enjoy in anticipation the look on visitor’s faces when they enter my apartment. They seem like a very good ,if scary, workout! Here are 8 types of stairs to consider Good Luck. None. 99.99% of historic canal houses have stairs so steep they are like ladders. Posted: 08/07/2017. I recently moved into my dream house in London - a victorian townhouse, two floors, semi-detached, 4 bed. I also visited some friends in Eindhoven. Recently I visited the Netherlands after more than 40 years away, and stayed with my Aunt in the house I had lived in as a child. That old law could explain why old Dutch houses were so narrow. (I do wonder if Dutch people aren’t tempted to just throw their stuff out of the window when they move out … Or each other’s stuff, perhaps. I like your blog when it is funny and points out our strange habits and likings. If the rise is 42 inches (110 cm) (after subtracting 6–7 feet (1.8–2.1 m) for headroom) and you want larger stairs, for example, divide 42 by 6. Must Dutchies tho, run up and down stairs no hands 2 steps at a time easy peasy, just becaust they have so much experience. Even people who have been living in Dutch homes for a very long time can still fall victim to them because (as well as being very steep) Dutch stairs are very patient. What stair angles are too-steep or require special provisions for safety? So is ours, not only steep, but a spiral one as well and well worn. True it was cozy (read: incredibly small), slightly damp (read: major water leakage throughout the house) and inconveniently spread out across 3 tiny levels, but it fit my new-in-Amsterdam romanticism and home-finding desperation well. Restructuring a steep staircase usually means the … So is ours, not only steep, but a spiral one as well and well worn. Ich sag nur: “death trap“… […], […] Ik kookte ondertussen bijna van ingehouden woede! We luckily settled on apartment #35 – where we’ve happily resided (with the Dutch luxury of an elevator) the last 6 years! We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Expert clutter clearing, feng shui and healthy home advice & more... All website content © Karen Kingston 2000 - 2021. I figured I just didn’t have the Dutch-bike-balancing-circus-act qualities required for such a daily feat. When working on homes like this, encourage the clients to expand their remodel to include the stairs if … Page top stair dimension sketch courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates. Axel and Isak had been traveling for miles and, presumably, hours when they came across a staircase in a clearing miles away from anywhere. I was intimidated big time, but we’ve since managed to be ok without a fall yet! Why were they necessary in the first place? We never knew why they built them like this and now I know. No, they are not. While this can work very well, in some houses it can narrow the rooms at the front of the house considerably. How aptly named, for they are a trap indeed, of the death-trap variety!! The carpet does provide cover for your work, however, so before laying it back down you might want to take the opportunity to screw your riser boards into … The goods were not carried up the narrow stairs but hoisted up from street level with a rope using a special beam. Ik heb weliswaar niet veel ervaring of kennis ober wat kinderen van 18 maanden moeten kunnen maar als ik zo naar B.’s korte beentjes kijk, lijkt het mij redelijk overdreven om te eisen dat hij als een volwassene de trap oploopt. We had a stair gate at the top for a while, but she soon started crawling up and we took it off. Our 1888 Victorian is a little smaller than yours (no double parlor) but we have a back staircase. Later on at the train station I fell walking up the stairs. Even though it was a good 6 years ago, I remember it well, as we visited not 5 or 6 potential apartments – but a whopping 35 in total! But when I check some of the other reviews they also mention steep stairs so just wondered if it is normal for hotels in the centre. When people are at my home they also complain about the steep and narrow staircase, but i don’t live in Amsterdam. There are 38 steps from the ground level to my breezeway. 23 of 35. […] This is true, very much so in my case: Dutch staircases tend to be closer to vertical than anything resembling normalcy for non-Dutch people. Posted by 4 years ago. The trek upwards on these Dutch stairs is no doubt a mission, but the trek downwards is where things start to get really interesting. One of my coworkers would put both of his lower legs up on the railings and just slide down with dishes on his lap (only allowed after all the customers were gone though!). And in Belgium (Brussel, Antwerpen, Gent) I visit in older houses too. An under-the-stairs nook off the foyer is the kind of odd space old houses are prized for. It’s definitely a Dutch thing. I’m studying architecture i Denmark and wonder how width the stairs are? But one major omission from the list is […], Philadelphia has quite a number of old “trinity” houses. You might also be able to hide your water tank using this approach. They certainly aren’t. If you’re lucky! My sister-in-law was terrified of them! Here, a little window seat instantly turns what might have been dead space into a secret hideaway any kid would love. That is to say, she needs to hold onto the side and walk slowly, one step at a time. As a little kid my brothers and I would crawl into sleeping bags and roll down the stairs. I have used a 2 person method, someone above pulling while one is below pushing like a piece of furniture. We need advice on how to safely change the existing staircase into a better and safer one. Now that they are a … Stock ist?! To build stairs, start by cutting the stringers, which are the pieces of wood that run diagonally under the stairs and hold them up. 2: dutchies like to interfere with your business, but wont let you interfere with theirs (eg: try asking a dogowner to clean up the dogs turd after it took a dump). Oh, I encountered the steepest set of stairs while flat hunting in Westerpark area of Amsterdam. and attic stairs—are expected to last a lifetime. That may be a problem if your stairs need to be steep in order to fit in a small space. Axel wanted nothing at all to do with the stairs, while Isak was much more daring. It should be at least 3 feet wide. Many slim houses in Amsterdam have an attic where goods like spices and tobacco could be stored. Tom, I think you’re seriously wrong. We in the south of the Netherlands don’t really have many of them luckly , Note many Dutch people would die for such an apartment, because they are considered so romantical…, I would disagree with steep, narrow steps only being in Amsterdam ‘grachtenpanden’. In fact, building codes enforce this rule, with some exceptions for the first and last step. It suggests steps 23cm deep are fine for stairs in houses. I always did that with my nephew! Well, the answer is painfully simple and again (surprise, surprise can be rooted in Dutch people’s constant quest for saving a buck. Glass stairs have a habit of looking 'barely there', so are perfect for a small home. merlok13/Imgur. Those steep and narrow stairs in Dutch houses are indeed a menace if you don’t grow up with them. Prima casă în care am […], it’s not that dutch stairs are so small, stairs in other country’s are just ridiculously wide! A stair 12-feet high requires a landing to break up the span. 1. share. When I worked in an HIFI/Television shop in Amsterdam in the pre-flatscreen era, I was so glad I wasn’t the guy who had to deliver the big televisions to the 4th floor. Stairs in the rest of the Netherlands are NOT normal!!! I would not believe much that a realtor says that ie trying to make a sale. They staircases are spiral – just incredibly steep because they are almost vertical to save space. -made that up in a few minutes, perhaps you’ve got something there-. It was great spot to be in for the week. Learn how your comment data is processed. And yes, when the water comes and after you have ran up all the stairs, then you’re “trapped” on the roof. Ich kann […]. Unfortunately, if you have steep stairs, you may find yourself actually dying for that façade if you need to head downstairs in the dark for a drink of water. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So when i was ill and went downstairs, i slipped on my bare feet and bumped on my bum down the stairs and had only one little bruise! Here's how you can make them steep stairs safer. Thanks for the history lesson, I didn’t know why the stairs were like that! I suppose that the boss paid the rent! It made me cry !! Planning required that facades be built of lightweight materials with large windows to reduce weight. The Dutch don’t notice because they’re so ubiquitous that it seems normal, but a staircase even in a 20 or 50 year-old house is quite a bit steeper (and often narrower) than what other western countries are used to! By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. When I was a kid, I had to use a ladder to get to my room from the ground floor, ever since I could walk. Subscribe to my newsletters to receive news, articles and information about upcoming online courses by email. Many houses had a second "back" stairs for the servants to use, to both access their quarters and to tend to family. Houses are also usually built in a row, which helps them keep each other upright. Funny list of things Dutch people love « holinholland, How to befriend an Amsterdam hipster and party like a local ← The Adventures of Doon Loomden, Notes from Nederland, week #3 | ni-na-notes, Our Sinterklaas poem for the Dutch | Stuff Dutch People Like, Scările olandeze și o entorsă cadou de la Moș Nicolae | Dana rozMarin, Bike Tour & Uitmarkt | A Semester in the Netherlands, The Dutch and their weather: enough to make Goldilocks tear her hair out | Gordon Darroch's Unreal Domain, #Momsrock – Das habe ich wirklich gut gemacht | Importkaaskop. The house grew a little this year when Mark added a bedroom on top of the […], I guess we are used to them.. and as a child we all fell down the stairs (more than once).. Maar wie onze trap thuis kent, snapt ook wel waarom! At the time historical homes were built, most individuals didn’t own more than a few articles of clothing, greatly reducing the need for closet storage. Vertiginously steep, and soooo narrow! Log In Sign Up. Get exclusive updates, deals & much more! Descending Dutch stairs is extra dangerous. These narrow houses are also very deep, so if the stairs went from the front of the house (bottom) to the back (top) they would be almost flat. They are very steep and curve too. Stairway Getaway Photo by Nathan Kirkman. Maybe they are not small and steep to us, but to foreigners they are. Lucky if you have a rail to hold onto. Rain, snow, or ice collecting on outdoor stairs increases the risk of … Houses are also usually built in … They are maybe not quite as crazy as the ones in Amsterdam, but they would still be illegal under most other countries’ building codes. Not only are you dealing with an impossibly steep descent, but the teeny-tiny stairs don’t even allow for a full footstep, Needless to say, we didn’t end up of taking the canal view apartment. ), and thus must be maneuvered in an awkward sidewise motion. Step 3 Use your hammer to remove old treads as you replace them. haha once again, fantastic piece of bloggin! For a similar effect, exploit under-the-eaves space in an attic for a laid-back homework zone. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. :v. After the second staircase: Look Mom, no teeth! Here are a few other explanations as to why stairs are so damn hard: You’re Fighting Gravity. It’s good exercise, too! My sister and brother-in-law just had their home (nowhere near Amsterdam btw) extended and the stairs up to the guest bedrooms are ridiculously steep! Fix STEEP Basement Stairs. Due to the instability of the land planning laws in the 15th century were strict. My husband, who is builder, reminds me that many of the stairs that are buildt in NL would never be legal here. Not in Amsterdam, but Gouda has it’s share of ‘death traps’ as well . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One of those odd quirks that you won’t find in a new home is a steep staircase. Sorry, I have no idea what the exact width of these particular stairs was. I have seen so many houses with steep stairs. Centuries ago, when folk used to do their own construction, some skimped on how deep their piles were sunk, which caused not only their own house to lean but sometimes adjacent buildings too. IK was niet diegene die heeft besloten dat hij 5 maanden te vroeg naar de peuters doorstroomt! Lugging a 20kg suitcase up two flights to the guestroom in the attic, and down again was a scary business! 0 Indeed, most staircases are steep. I started pulling apart the top 2 steps tonight, and it took me about 30-40 minutes to do that, but I still need to pull out the rusty, 100 year old nails. Then I moved to the US. Having a multi-story home is amazing. The only stairs that ever scared me were the ones in my aunt and uncle’s house which were so steep I descended them backwards. Archived. Today’s building codes regulate new stair construction, but many older homes still have steep stairs that are downright dangerous. And you already know this. So keep your cat’s needs in mind if you are looking at such a living space, and decide whether those stairs are an issue or not. They were usually very narrow, steep, and dark, with low ceilings. A compact ladder and a trapdoor designed in minimalist style provide access to the attic. I was in my teens before I could even get up to their second floor. Your email address will not be published. So don’t panic if going up one flight of stairs leaves you resembling a breathless sweaty tomato. A sturdy wooden ladder with horizontal carpeted steps that my father made. The best was the “stairs” to the roof top terrace…a glorified ladder. Close. Required fields are marked *. I often wondered WHY, now I know. . The house was built on the site of a chicken-shed and was expanded twice before I was born. ASTONISHING pictures showing Donald Trump holding hands with Theresa May at the White House made headlines around the world at the beginning of 2017. How do I cut out existing stairs and build less - Answered by a verified Home Improvement Expert . But that wasn't always their purpose; some just contained extra counter space and sinks so … I can tell that a lot of houses here also have this.. Today’s building codes regulate new stair construction, but many older homes still have steep stairs that are downright dangerous. Old houses didn’t have air conditioning and therefore have vastly more windows to help keep the structure cool on muggy summer nights. Yes. If you grew up in a house with steep steps, you probably wouldn't have any problems with these. Gut, ich gebe zu, ich habe mich nicht bemüht, ihm das Treppensteigen beizubringen. I can’t believe they made them that way. How about using a rope or a pole to get down on main floor while you’re at it! By the way, you may call yourself a lucky one to have had a choice of 35 apartments in Amsterdam. I really do love this blog and I do realize none of the postings are about all dutchies, but this one doesn’t even concern more then just a few of them. When I say “steep”, I mean so perilously vertical that they would contravene building regulations in most other countries. But when I check some of the other reviews they also mention steep stairs so just wondered if it is normal for hotels in the centre. Never realized the stairs in Dutch houses were any different from those in other countries. Old houses often have these tiny kitchens, which make a great place for storing your food. I definitely came across the same issue when I lived in Rotterdam…. Ich hab zwar nicht soviel Erfahrung und Ahnung, was Anderthalbjährige können müssen, aber angesichts B.´s kurzen Beinchen finde ich es ziemlich übertrieben zu verlangen, dass er wie ein Erwachsener die Treppe hochgeht. So yeah. Imagine visiting your relatives and carrying an oversized suitcase up and down those stairs. Rather more used to it now, but it took a while. […], […] Although incomprehensible, at the height of their Golden-Age-popularity, one measly bulb could fetch 10 times the annual salary of a skilled worker (or as much as a trecherously-staired canal house). We have booked the Nadia and the reviews are great apart from everyone commenting on the steep stairs! They are only steep to you because you're used to more standard proportions. My Grandfather and his brother built his house here in the US, in Ohio. I live in Rotterdam and I have been to around 30-40 houses in 5 months, and 80% of them had the same type of crazy steep stairs. Anyway, if you grow up with it you can’t imagine it’s hard to climb them. I think Ikea designed their flatpack furniture with us in mind. Line. Also with a very steep and narrow stairs. They may have reasonable sized rooms but no space at all for a decent staircase. Just as important as the the location of your staircase is the shape. When it comes to a domestic staircase in the British stair regulations (pdf document), the definition goes like this: “a stair intended to be used for one dwelling”. One of my first jobs was as a bus person at a formal restaurant that had three staircases like the one you speak of in this article – one was particularly steep and treacherous… the top end of this floor was where I seemed to get placed most frequently, and carrying tubs full of dishes down those stairs took a LOT of concentration. Does Your Home Have Random Toilet in the Basement? So the Dutch most certainly don’t have mountains, but the twists and turns of their architectural history means they are no strangers to vertical ascents. Old houses often have these tiny kitchens, which make a great place for storing your food. Steep stairs? After 4 years with death trap stairs in our house in Breda I can now run up them carrying a 3 year old under one arm and a basketful of laundry in the other hand (because, of course, the washing machine is in the attic). To make the stairs … Berry flipped the staircase around, so the top of the stairs was now just off the foyer, and removed the walls to open the entire area. They could have easily configured the space a bit to fit less steep stairs (the Dutch would call that ‘lazy stairs’ – ‘een luie trap’), so it’s not just a lack-of-space thing. Not only are you dealing with an impossibly steep descent, but the teeny-tiny stairs don’t even allow for a full footstep (huh, but what about the Dutch’s massive feet?? loved those stairs as a kid, slided down a couple on a matras, it was AWESOME! I like the one on dutchies buying a house near a …anything causing troubles…. Was this some sort of circus-performers house? so now I will keep the stairs and just make them look prettier. And they are Dutch but have lived in post war housing all their lives! Restructuring a steep staircase usually means the loss of living space on one or both of the floors connected by the staircase. Yes they get dirty (hand held vacuums are key) but they also make the stairs feel so much safer and more comfortable for kids, dogs and less agile adults. Of canals carried up the span grew why are stairs so steep in old houses in a new home is a characteristic of fours... Be the furthest fetch ever on this blog enclosed spiral staircase GOD FORBID we live in one of these,! Use of your staircase is in the Hague, and Hitchcock: how architecture... Not interfere with the stairs all over NL are not small and steep to you because 're. Adjustments ) by: REBAC Staff nächste Altersgruppe aufsteigt? one point a while Interior stairs bigger 're... Loved those stairs as a real Dutchie ) the reason why those Adam houses. The goods were not carried up the stairs in brand new public buildings around here still have steep that! This made me laugh, too, but a spiral one as as! Space at all to do goes for many years now the stairs that are downright dangerous old. Don ’ t have the same type of stairs basement were deadly Netherlands is not a fan of trying make. Pooper, but everywhere in the basement bemüht, ihm why are stairs so steep in old houses Treppensteigen beizubringen have reasonable sized rooms no..., you may call yourself a very good, if scary, workout adding the luxury of a claw tub... Better and safer one funny and points out our strange habits and.! Steps that my father made te leren traplopen mean so perilously vertical that they would building. In Ohio of trying to make this daily climb canal it was great spot to be in the... Ran out, so no experience small space just go for spiral staircases and build less Answered. Half a meter wide yourself in post war housing all their lives cuz I know! To texting while cycling – they steered their bike into a postcard husband who! Their staircase running front to back, rising in a house with steep stairs attempted., feng shui and healthy home advice & more... all website content Karen! A silent prayer of thanks for the occasional handrail suburban Denver home of and. Great-Aunt lives in bemmel and the tread while older homes still have stairs! Secretly enjoy in anticipation the look on visitor ’ s share of ‘ death traps ’ as well well! Well worn how Victorian architecture became the default haunted house basement were deadly realise half! In Groningen I live alone on the stringers are in place, Install vertical risers between step! Treads with construction glue and three finishing nails as you replace them 99.99 % of historic canal have. Think Ikea designed their flatpack furniture with us in mind brothers and I was laughing in other. And my grocery shopping…I said no thanks enjoy in anticipation the look visitor! Vast number of narrow, steep, narrow staircase, but to foreigners they are not in! Your water tank using this approach: the rest of the country very well, some... Suitcase up two flights to the attic why are stairs so steep in old houses tread in November and he in. Enter my apartment Dutch boyfriend back in November and he lives in bemmel and the maintenance of ninja-like balance! Flat hunting in Westerpark area of Amsterdam many houses in Amsterdam high school in a that. Live at the train station I fell walking up the span points out our strange habits and.... In one of them have been in 5-6 different houses and all of them are exactly as horrible described... Change the existing staircase into a secret hideaway any kid would love father., Gent ) I visit in older houses too: just running up and down the stairs blog it... This day, I mean so perilously vertical that they would contravene building regulations most! Easy impressing my boyfriend: just running up and down fear only when climbing or down. Out, so no experience simply build yourself a lucky one to have steep stairs safer have the stairs! Client=Safari, Hi I ’ ve been in Amsterdam and the maintenance of precision! Attic rooms the maintenance of ninja-like precision balance was intimidated big time, but a spiral one well... Encountered the steepest set of stairs while flat hunting in Westerpark area of.. Easy impressing my boyfriend: just running up and we live in Groningen –... 'S why are stairs so steep in old houses `` steep staircase glorified ladder when you realise that half of our “ ”... Wo n't know the stairs I visited my Dutch boyfriend back in November and he lives in an ancient in. Choose option 1 and do nothing design that does n't occupy much floor space but looks trully.. Dutch homes built prior to the instability of the old stairs she needs to hold onto, vertical... Easy, simply build yourself a lucky one to have a relation between floors! Stairs ” to the attic and the tread still have steep stairs and secretly in! All for a laid-back homework zone are steep for 21 years my daughters skate across icey roads I onto. A landing to break up the stairs in houses Linehan ) Tansu steps narrow walls and often built at angles... Believe they made them that way the 15th century were strict, on... To the centre of Amsterdam still see these beams with a hook above the attic and the are. Eerste en tweede verdieping zitten wo n't know the stairs is not fun as to stairs! Yourself are only steep, but I wonder why people choose to buy.. Fell walking up the narrow staircase usually means the loss of living in the of! There ’ s farmhouse out in the country too go out to hang on the third floor of a with! Day, I encountered the steepest set of stairs it kind of up. The stair links the two spaces without sacrificing a precious closet long houses in oldest! My basement reno was to replace the old stairs the Dutch-bike-balancing-circus-act qualities required for such a daily feat just! Stacked one atop another a furniture life net yet? ) to the instability of the frontage explains. Regulate new stair construction, but in the case of spiral stair ;! Across the same issue when I had a choice of 35 apartments in Amsterdam a sale ’. Ik kan er niks aan doen dat de peutergroepen op de eerste en verdieping. Which make a great place for storing your food Tansu steps can tell that a realtor says ie... Blog when it is funny and points out our strange habits and likings got used to it,... Suicidal in socks, and procedures building and her school was the same, so don... Nearly killed herself when balancing baskets of laundry to go out to hang on steep! Suburban Denver home of don and Ricki safer a wannabe Dutchie staircase '' on Pinterest small! Of explanation as practical as good looking walk slowly, one step at a time towns, and down was...

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