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Cricket may be over for now but RadioTimes.com has a full range of questions and answers to bowl at your mates in the next pub quiz If you enjoyed this story, please share with your fellow cricket fans and team-mates. Related quizzes can be found here: Twenty20 Cricket Quizzes a) MS Dhoni b) Kieron Pollard c) David Warner d) Jasprit Bumrah, 17. a) David Warner b) Kane Williamson c) Martin Guptill d) Deepak Hooda, 14. Cricket quiz 2019 with answers, including IPL cricket quiz, online cricket quiz, Indian cricket quiz regarding Test, ODI and World Cup. He is the youngest bowler to take a hat-trick in an Indian Premier League (IPL) match, at the age of 20. Instructions of the above IPL , Quiz , is clearly explained in the video itself. Looking for more Sports Quizzes?Check out our World Cup soccer quiz or our General sports quiz for more quizzy fun. 2. Answer c) Mumbai Indians. So play it very politely and honestly, no cheating and be honest. IPL Quiz 1. 18. So here I present Questions on it in this on-going season for you. Which team became the first team in the IPL to win 100 matches? a) Andre Russell Summary . Answer: South Africa. The IPL 2018 auction is over. InFestYouUs InFestYouUs 2016 2. IPL auction quiz: Warm up for 2020 edition, check your score Ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction on December 19 in Kolkata, here is a quiz to warm up for the T20 extravaganza. Twenty20 Cricket Trivia Questions & Answers : Cricket This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to Twenty20 Cricket, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Indian Premier League Trivia Questions & Answers : Twenty20 Cricket This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to Indian Premier League, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Do you think you’re up to it? Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 16 2021, Current Affairs Quiz – January 14 & 15 2021, Current Affairs Quiz – January 12 & 13 2021, Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 15 2021, Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 14 2021, Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 13 2021, Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 12 2021, Current Affairs Quiz – January 10 & 11 2021, Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 10 & 11 2021, Current Affairs Quiz – January 08 & 09 2021, Current Affairs Quiz – January 06 & 07 2021, Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 09 2021, Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 08 2021. Also in many competitive exams, questions related to IPL has appeared. Try how many you can crack and get the pretend IPL cup from this blog . answer choices ... Cricket . ... 150+ Best Indian History Quiz Questions And Answers 2021 Next Next post: Latest 70+ Gk Questions And Answers 2021 (Updated) Related Posts. Imran Tahir, of Chennai Super Kings, was awarded the Purple Cap for finishing as the leading wicket-taker of the tournament with 26 wickets. The England captain looked back to his best at Galle, The third umpire needs to get his law book out, Mickey Arthur is coming for him, South Africa-England combined T20I team selector, England Test team of the 1990s team selector, SCG launch investigation into alleged racial abuse, Watch: Pant sings Spiderman song behind the stumps, Six takeaways from England’s first Test win. The Perfect Catch of the Season award in IPL 2019 was won by _________. 1.5k plays . by Wisden Staff February 7, 2019 - 2:17pm 5 minute read. You must be logged in to post a comment. Super Striker of the Season Award was won by ____________. GK Quiz on IPL 2019 with Answers. Which team won the ipl 3 times. a) Delhi Warriors b) Delhi Daredevils c) Delhi Gods d) Delhi Super Powers, 9. Who was the most expensive foreign player in IPL 2019? Thought to have originated as far back as the 13th century, cricket has a long history and a literacy all its own. Practicing these questions can help you score outstanding in your upcoming recruitment exam. Cricket Quiz, IIT Guwahati Anupam Anand. Paragraph 2:be honest becoz honesty is the best policy. QUIZ: Immensely popular in England, Australia, India, and many other British Commonwealth countries, the sport of cricket is a way of life for many people. This is really for the true cricket aficionados, those that know their IPL inside-out. Here, we are giving 10 GK Questions and Answers (GK Quiz) on Cricket that will strengthen the knowledge of Cricket amateur and professionals. Answer c) Shubman Gill. a) Rajasthan Royals b) Delhi Capitals c) Royal Challengers Bangalore d) Mumbai Indians, 12. Who became the first batsman to score 5000 runs in IPL? Read PDF Cricket Quiz With Answers IPL Quiz | Can you answer these questions? a) Chennai Super Kings b) Delhi Daredevils c) Mumbai Indians d) Sunrisers Hyderabad, 4. Who won the Orange Cap in IPL 2019? ... GK Quiz on IPL 2019 | As the IPL is over, it is time for Quiz. Which team made the lowest total for any team in the IPL against the Chennai Super Kings? A comprehensive database of more than 17 IPL quizzes online, test your knowledge with IPL quiz questions. Answer b) Delhi Daredevils. Loading…(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){var ql=document.querySelectorAll('A[quiz],DIV[quiz],A[data-quiz],DIV[data-quiz]'); if(ql){if(ql.length){for(var k=0;k

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